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Makers of fine violins, violas and cellos in modern and baroque set up

Since its appearance in the XVI century, the violin has remained mostly unchanged. Although, now supported by modern analytical tools, the craftmanship has been maintained.


Our work follows on from this long tradition. We assimilate this heritage, whilst drawing our expertise from sharing knowledge within our profession.

Sound adjustment

The sound, a physical and vibratory phenomenon made by rubbing the bow on the strings with mesmerizing and emotional power, is the essence of our work.


We listen to the musicians and, through fine-tuning, strive to get the instrument to reach its full sound capacity and ease of playing.


Violin-making: the work of a life

My profession, which is on the fringes of our increasingly fast-paced society with its compressed sound files, remains an enclave we walk through for the whole of a lifetime, where time no longer has the same value. The more we move forward, the richer and more complex the landscape becomes. My senses and powers of analysis and perception sharpen, guiding me to the heart of the interaction between the musician and the instrument and bow.