After graduating from the National Lutherie School in Mirecourt in 2004, Étienne Bellanger and Lison Bettler worked in various workshops before moving to Zaragoza, Spain in 2009. They share a strong ethos which is based on the importance of research and collaboration and regularly work together to make violins, violas and cellos.

Étienne and Lison are actively involved in developing their craftsmanship and regularly attend events including training courses, competitions, seminars and fairs. They helped create the “Collectif de Lutherie et d’Archèterie Contemporaine”, a violin and bow-making association in Paris. 

Since September 2018 Étienne has dedicated his time to training students at the École Nationale de Lutherie in Mirecourt, France.


« I research and draw inspiration from the instruments of our historical heritage, in search of a personal sound and visual aesthetic. »


« From tracing the outline of the instrument using a compass to making the varnish, each step is fundamental to the making of the whole instrument. »


« Communicating with the musician is essential to the creation of a new instrument. »


« My job is essentially to understand and analyse the specific needs of each musician. Then, in order to convert the musician’s vision into reality, I seek to unravel the mystery of the relationship between the “form” (the outline of the instrument, the wood, the arching…) and the “sound”.

Inspired by the sounds of the great musicians who have influenced me, I strive to find the “voice” of my instruments in order to create a working tool in the service of music. »